• Vape shops are a vital service.

    24th Mar 2020 by

    As the Covid 19 pandemic has spread we have seen some of the most stringent restrictions imposed on a population, outside of wartime. Closure of pubs, schools, sporting events. Banning gatherings and the abandonment of once immovable annual events like the Eurovision.  It is essential that all of us follow the advice of government and… Read more

  • News Roundup.

    6th Mar 2020 by

    2020 evidence update. This week Public Health England issued their annual update to their position on e-cigarettes and vaping. This is the sixth in a series of independent reports to “summarise evidence on e-cigarettes to inform policies and regulations.” ttps://hwww.gov.uk/government/publications/vaping-in-england-evidence-update-march-2020/vaping-in-england-2020-evidence-update-summary While the UK is proactive in updating e-cigarette policy, here in Ireland no such regime… Read more

  • GE2020 New Nicotine Alliance policy

    2nd Feb 2020 by

    New Nicotine Alliance Ireland has watched as the four main political parties issued their manifestos. All four mention e-cigarettes and vaping in their policies. From a ban on flavoured products to a vague intention to pass regulation for e-cigs. None offer any justification for their positions and none make any mention of why they feel… Read more

  • Irish vapers should resist suggestions of a flavour ban

    20th Sep 2019 by

    “It’s disappointing to see vaping being used as an election gambit”, said Tom Gleeson of ETHRA partner NNA Ireland, “especially from a doctor who should know better. Tobacco harm reduction is a growing movement which is driving fast reduction of smoking rates in countries which implement sensible regulation.  ETHRA the European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates… Read more

  • Denmark’s proposed flavour ban.

    16th Jul 2020 by

    Denmark is set to introduce a flavour ban on both nicotine and non-nicotine containing e-liquids, where only tobacco and menthol flavours will be permitted. This ban is one of several proposed measures to curb the use of e-cigarettes and will affect 85-90% of Danish vapers. We have submitted a comment to the Danish consultation, focusing… Read more

  • TPD interview notes.

    9th Jul 2020 by

    ETHRA (of which we are a partner) was invited to participate in the current review of the TPD, by responding to an online stakeholder questionnaire and taking part in a follow up telephone interview. We have written notes summarising the views we put forward in the interview, together with some background evidence. A failure to… Read more

  • ETHRA Manifesto launch.

    26th May 2020 by

    Ahead of #WorldVapeDay , this Saturday 30/5 and #WorldNoTotbaccoDay Sunday 31.05, ETHRA, the European #Tobacco #HarmReduction Advocates @europethra, representing 21 consumer organisations, of which NNA Ireland is one, across 16 countries, have launched their manifesto on behalf of millions of former #smokers. #SayYesToTHR DUBLIN, May 26th, 2020: Reduced risk products such as e-cigarettes and snus… Read more

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What Experts Say

“People who want to use nicotine or find it hard to stop can greatly reduce the risk to their health (probably >95% reduction for vaping) if they switch from a smoked to a smoke-free product (e.g. vaping,”

Clive Bates
Former director of ASH UK.

“Those who cite the precautionary principle as justification to discourage or prohibit electronic cigarettes ignore the fact that for the great majority of users, the counterfactual is premature death from tobacco smoking. Smoking kills. So does denying smokers opportunities to quit.”

John Britton
Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, University of Nottingham

“This tendency to highlight unfounded concerns about safer alternatives to unhealthy products plays right into the hands of Big Tobacco

David T. Sweanor J.D.
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.
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